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Retirement & Investment Planning

Custom Retirement Solutions offers a full range of services designed to prepare you for a fulfilling retirement. Our three-step planning process ensures our clients enjoy a successful and happy retirement.

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Plan for a comfortable retirement.

While many people regard retirement planning as complex and confusing, we believe anyone can be a successful investor with the proper plans in place. Our expert advisors, utilizing retirement planning software, work with you to develop a financial plan for a successful and happy retirement.

Mitigate risk as you approach retirement.

As you get closer to retirement, do you know how much risk you are taking with your investments? The first step in investment management for retirement is understanding exactly what you have, how much investment risk you are taking, additional retirement investment options, and how long your retirement savings will last.

Maximize your Social Security income.

Navigate the complex rules of the Social Security System with help from Custom Retirement Solutions. Our social security planning software can help you understand how a variety of options and strategies affect your Social Security income and retirement savings. Together, we’ll coordinate Social Security with the rest of your retirement plan.

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